Scenes - Order of Operations

I'm maybe missing it in the documentation, but I can't seem to figure out how to set the order of operations for activating a scene. Ideally I would like to be able to specify order in which devices are sent commands.

In my case I would like to set a z-wave switch to "on" before sending color values to bulbs.


The Scenes app doesn't have a way to manually specify this. If this ordering is important, you could use a workaround, perhaps with Button Controller or Rule Machine. Maybe keep the Z-Wave switch out of your scene (or keep it in if you need it for the "off" action), but don't use the scene activator device but instead a virtual button or virtual switch and a short automation/script in BC (if a button--this won't work well with voice assistants and doesn't bode well for "off" actions unless you make a second one) or RM (would work with either) that turns on the switch and then activates the scene. You could even insert a delay between the two actions if needed.

If you need something specific, I could share a screenshot of what I'm thinking; otherwise, that's the general idea. Finally, it's not clear to me why this ordering is important, so if you were interested in other possible solutions that would get the result you want, feel free to share more on your setup!

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Thanks for the info! I think building the logic in rule machine might be my best bet. I was just hoping to leverage the scenes app since it seemed to be built for this sort of thing.

Basically I have been using a GE Smart Switch 14292 to control my garage and front porch lights. I decided to add some Sengled zigbee based multicolor bulbs to these fixtures for use around the holidays and the like. The thought was to create scenes for the different holidays / seasons and call them from my time of day based rules in rule machine. Trick is the bulbs need power to receive the set color commands.

Most of the time things seem to work, but it looks like the switch is in the middle of the list. So occassionally the earlier bulbs don't receive the command to change colors.

I know most would say to leave power applied and control on/off from the bulb. But I have been attempting to keep manual switches available. So in this case I'm stuck with single taps for on and off of the switch, but have double taps set to activate a couple of different scenes.

I was wondering if the situation was something like that! The GEs don't (as far as I know), but many newer Z-Wave switches allow disabling local control (colloquially/loosely "the relay"), so if they support Z-Wave scenes (which get reported as button events on Hubitat--not related to "scenes" on the Hubitat side), then you can use single taps in a way similar to the way you're using double taps. The Inovelli Red Series switches/dimmers and I think all Zooz models with current firmware can all do this. Not that you want to replace your devices, but just something to think about if you ever did. :slight_smile:

The wrong way (and against code) would be to wire the bulb line and load together at the switch thus disabling the ability of the switch to cut power.

The switch then becomes a button controller.

I would not advocate doing that (but I have done it) so keep it a secret between us!

But in reality, it can be dangerous as you have no way except a breaker to cut power. Someone goes to change the bulb and gets shocked.

Have you try the colour pre-staging for the sengled bulbs?
I've got a feeling it won't work with scenes but is worth a try.