Scenes in Hubitat Don’t Show up as scenes in Alexa

All the scenes I created within Hubitat are not being recognized as scenes in Alexa. Instead they are recognized as lights. How can I get them to be recognized as scenes in Alexa so that I can organize them with the Amazon echo app?

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I'm not sure you can. I think this is just a function of how Hubitat's Alexa integration works, where any group (regardless of what type of devices it contains) is exposed with attributes and commands that make it look like a light bulb to Alexa. I'm not familiar with the Alexa skill API but might guess this is something they could change, though I wouldn't hold my breath on this being a priority. In the meantime, at least there are a few advantages, like the ability to both turn the scene on and off? :smiley: (Something I don't think Alexa provides for scenes, which appear to only be intended to be "activated" à la Hue Scenes.)

I don't know about the Alexa API, but Wink scenes were able to show as scenes in Amazon Alexa (instead of separate devices). Thankfully, the function isn’t affected either way.

Who is responsible for the Alexa Skill integration? Is it Hubitat or is it Amazon? I'll submit this as feedback and a support request.

You can submit a post to the community under "Support/Feature Requests".