Scenes attached to Devices->Bulb, but Scene has been removed

I was having trouble with multiple scenes for a room after having to physically replace some bulbs.

After adding the new bulbs to the scene and clicking Done the page wouldn't go back to the main Apps page. After waiting for at least a minute, I clicked Apps from the Menu and then selected the scene. This happened with all 5 scenes with the same set of bulbs and I would see my changes for some of my newly edited scenes, but some scenes won't load at all and it would just sit at ' Please wait, loading app Scene-1.2 ...'.

I went through and unassociated any actions related to the scenes for that room and deleted the scenes themselves, however they are still shown in Groups and Scenes, however none of then will load now.

I tried creating new scenes for the room but I'm running into the same issue with the new scenes also. I'm confused and frustrated.

I don't want to completely uninstall Scenes-1.2 as I have around 60 scenes that have been working fine for years. If only I wouldn't have changed out my bulbs...

It sounds as though you should reboot the hub, and possibly restore from your last backup. Something is messed up.

Also, it’s Friday night, not the best time to get help.

I'm having what I think may be a similar experience. I am trying to remove a number of lights from my scenes, transferring them back to my Hue bridge to use with Coco-Hue. When I try to remove the lights from a scene, the app page just sits there with the spinning status icon in the top right corner. I'll try rebooting and see if that fixes it.

Not seeing this. There haven't been any changes to Scene-1.2 that would account for this either.

It doesn't seem to matter what scene I pick or whether I make a change, clicking Done produces the same spinning status icon in the top right. I noticed that next to the version it mentioned the 26th of Sept, could something have changed then?

Yeah, it got the new documentation link.

Would be stretch to say that had an affect on this :slight_smile:

It's not causing me any great issues, just that I noticed it, so wanted to mention it in case others were experiencing it as well. And I intend to move towards using the scenes I setup on the Hue bridge, or move to using RL, so again, not a big issue.

Those selectors are simple "enum" inputs, and there is nothing about them that would account for the app spinning and getting stuck. Could be a browser / connectivity issue, but not an app issue.

Thanks. If I notice anything more that may be useful I'll post back here.

I reverted to a previous backup and rolled back to 122 and all has been fine. I'm not sure if something got mucked up when updating to 125 or if there indeed is an issue with Scenes-1.2 in v125. I'm still going through and trying to recall all the changes that I've made in the past week to get Hubitat back to where it was before I had to restore backups. I'm sure that I'll try 125 again at some point, but not now.

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I've started experiencing the same issue. I haven't updated in a while and skipped directly to and since then it keeps getting stuck either when loading or saving (though it does save successfully, even if the spinning animation is stuck) and I keep having to reboot the hub to work with scenes which is highly annoying.

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