Scenes 1.2 - Cloning does not save edited name

Just a quick bug report tonight. When cloning a scene, there is a field to enter the name of the new scene. However, this name is not captured, which results in the cloned scene having a name identical to the original.

This is known, and is a side effect of the way Scene handles names. We will look into it further.

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@bravenel I came across this bug yesterday and it’s still present.

Yeah, long time known bug.

@bobbyD This still exists in

While it would ideally use the newly chosen name, the biggest concern is that the new & old names end up being identical--which means you can't tell which one is the original (and, thus, currently used in one or more rules) vs. the new rule. If it even kept the "cloned" word on the new one, it would help (possibly, making the name field non-editable if there's a problem honoring the updated name so it's not confusing).


Our suggestion is that Scenes be converted to Room Lights by importing with Room Lighting parent app. The resulting app has the same functionality as the original Scene. The Scene app is no longer under active development, so this issue is not likely to be addressed.