Scene with NULL ID

Somehow I have a scene with a null ID and now it is causing problems with setting any scenes.

Here is the configuration for the registered scenes:
|registeredScenes|[{73=Day Scene}, {71=Evening Scene}, {72=Morning Scene}, {null=Night Scene}, {75=Night Scene}, {74=Twilight Scene}]|

Here is an error in the log that I suspect is related:

app:782019-11-23 10:30:01.081 pmerrorjava.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null" on line 5015 (allHandler)

Anyone know how to resolve this?


It does not show up in the list of scenes, so I cannot delete it through the UI. Seems like I need to run a manual database cleanup. Not sure how it happened, not sure how to fix it.