Scene to turn on only some mirrored lights

I have a group of nine recessed Zigbee lights in a room that typically gets controlled as a group by a Mirror automation tied to the room's Inovelli dimmer. This allows pretty invisible operation for on/off/dim functions that the wife and kids typically use. I'd like to have a "nightlight" mode enable when you triple up tap the switch so that there's very dim lighting in the room. Having all nine bulbs at 1% is still brighter than I want, but having four bulbs at 1% and the others off does the trick.

I've gotten it to kind of work in Rule Machine, but it isn't perfect. Essentially I set the dimmer and four lights to 1%, then turn the remaining lights off. If the starting state has all the lights on, this works perfectly fine. If the starting state has all the lights off, then the act of setting the dimmer to 1% in the first step causes the five unwanted bulbs to light up briefly (due to the Mirror automation) before they turn back off thanks to the next step in Rule Machine.

Any clever ideas on how to make this work better?