Scene response erratic

I'm a big fan of HE and have tons of automation via WebCore running and a fair amount of zigbee, zwave a very few wifi devices.

However, from time to time and lately more my scenes will fail to set two or three of my zigbee lights to the correct level, rgb, or CT settings. But, when I look at the logs it shows those commands sent and in the Groups/Scenes app it shows that scene as 'Activated'.

I know the most common cause is zigbee mesh communication. But I have switch channels over and over. Either the problem isn't consistent enough or its some other cause.

Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated.


Have you tried disabling activation optimization and adding some metering? If you have devices that don't always "level and on" correctly you can also try enabling discrete on...

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Thanks I have added metering with 50ms delay. I'll have to use in practice a bit to see if that helps.

On a side note, it would be nice if there were an option for range of level settings. I have a few rgbcw light strips and they never seem to hit the exact level number (ie, 3000-->3003) So, the effect is that that scene result in 'scene not set'. IF there were a range setting of course that device could be set to 3000-3100 or such...