Scene lights are out of sync

I use a few scenes in my family room to control 5 lights. I have a goodnight, bright, dim, and movie time scene that controls the lights. And depending on the scenes the lights are in varying brightness or colors.

The issue is sometimes I turn on a scene and only half the lights change to their desired state. All the scenes were in the Groups and Scenes app. I've recently recreated the scenes in the new Room Lighting app and the issue still occurs.

Am I doing something wrong?

Zigbee or z-wave?

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Did you import the scenes into the room lighting up or manulary create them?

If you manually recreated them, it would be interesting to import one and then compare the imported versus the manually recreated one to see if they're the same.

What brand? and are they on a separate network from your zigbee sensor devices?

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All are ZigBee bulbs.

I imported all the scenes to the new Room Lighting app.

I did look at the scene again. Two sets of the bulbs are in groups. So sofa lights is one group and sofa night lights is another group. I'm using the groups in the scene instead of the individual bulb devices. Could that be an issue?

It shouldn't be... What brand of lights?

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1 Sengled Color bulb (not grouped)
2 Sengled CT bulbs (grouped as Sofa Lights)
2 Phillips Hue Candle CT bulbs (grouped as Sofa Night Lights)

But it's not consistent as to which bulbs react to the scene or not.

All bulbs are linked to the same hub, so I don't think they can be on different networks. In fact all my devices zigbee sensors too and z-wave devices are linked to the same hub.

you should not link the zigbee sensors on the same hub as the hue bulbs. This is because the hue bulbs are ZLL not ZHA and do not repeat well for ZHA devices. Usually it's recommended you isolate those kind of bulbs on a seperate hue bridge or another hubitat.

That said Sengled bulbs to not repeat and therefor need repeaters for a stable mesh. If you can add a couple of mains based repeaters (like the sengled oval plugs, the square ones don't repeat) that will likely fix a lot of your problems. Moving the hue bulbs to a hue bridge would likely fix the rest. You could leave your grouping the same after that.

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In my research the Phillips bulbs are ZLL unless you pair them to the first time to a ZHA hub (like hubitat). Which I did, so they should be in ZHA mode and not ZLL. How would that impact the use of scenes though?

Also the hub is less than 15 feet (about 5 feet from the color bulb) from all the bulbs, so I can't imagine a repeater would solve the issue.

They aren't ZHA, they're ZLL period... They can't just change. I've seen zigbee devices within 10 feet of a hub not be right because it's trying to use a ZLL bulb as a repeater. When that bulb goes out it stops repeating properly throwing the mesh into disarray. So lets say all of a sudden you have a sengled (non repeating bulb) using a nearby hue bulb as a repeater to get to the hub and then that hue bulb stops repeating it's going to take time for it to try and find a good repeater or even the hub. Now you turn all those lights back on and eventually it refreshes and looks to those bulbs and see they are a better route you;re back to square one. Rinse and repeat. I had it happen to me early on in my home automation days.... Once I moved the hue bulbs everything was a 1000 times better. At this point though I'm mainly switched over to Lifx bulbs. The onlything left on my hue bride are some strip lights and globes. Then I use cocohue to bring all that in to HE...

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Overall I would take rlithgow1's advice. Bulbs in Zigbee (except Sengled, which aren't repeaters) can be problematic. I understand this is due to the small amount of RAM that these bulbs have, and they just start dropping messages. Sometimes you can overcome this with many good repeaters to give lots of good routes so the bulbs don't have a chance to be bad repeaters.

With that said, did you try either of these options in Room Lighting? (There are some similar but differently named options in Scenes)

RL options

These are in the Means to Activate section.

These options might help, but it would not surprise me if these options didn't make a difference.

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Chiming in for removing Hue bulbs from HE and integrating them via the Hue Bridge integration to avoid issues w/bulb routing. All of my Hue bulbs are on a Hue Hub, and my other bulbs on HE are all Sengled/non-repeating.

When you remove the Hue bulbs from HE you can give your Zigbee network a fresh start by instigating Zigbee "Panic Mode." To do this, turn off the hub for 20 minutes. When you restart the hub your Zigbee devices will re-find their best routes to the hub.

I know this is a few days old now, but I wanted to address this. Newer Hue bulbs are neither; they are Zigbee 3.0. :slight_smile: (See the certification docs or read about their then-future plans in their marketing materials.) Older ones are, as noted, ZLL. (But I have also not seen any evidence that the Zigbee profile per se is responsible for this, likely just firmware oddities or comparatively limited device resources that cause problems. Zigbee 3.0--or ZHA, for that matter--alone is no guarantee of problem-free behavior.)

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I should have been more clear on the newer ones.

As a follow up. I ended up replacing my Hue candle bulbs with Sengled ones. I also moved them to another hub and all is working fine now.

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