Scene is working but delay in turning on lights

Not sure how to tackle this one, looks like my scene at sunset turned on the garage lights fine, but 10 mins apart??? Also noticed on the dashboard that the L light that was 10 mins late never fired off and lit up until I pressed it about 10 mins later.

I know this morning turning of the lights or during testing by just activating the scene it seems to be instant or a few seconds for the lights to be on or off

dev:1672020-09-05 06:57:54.788 pm infoGarage Light L was turned on

dev:1572020-09-05 06:47:06.364 pm infoGarage Light R was turned on
dev:1612020-09-05 06:47:00.483 pm infoGarage Lights Scene White was turned on

Can you post the rule please?


Sure its pretty simple and not much to it.

This is from the lights being turned off this morning and they did turn off, looks like the logs confirm the L light off but do not on the right light, yet it was off when I checked.

The dashboard did show both lights as being off so its correct this morning and so far has been when turning off. We'll see what happens tonight when they turn on

Main logs
dev:1572020-09-06 06:08:01.456 am infoGarage Light R hue is 120°
dev:1572020-09-06 06:06:22.763 am infoGarage Light R colorTemperature is 4716°K
dev:1672020-09-06 06:06:03.199 am infoGarage Light L is off
dev:1572020-09-06 06:06:01.659 am infoGarage Light R was turned off
dev:1672020-09-06 06:06:01.521 am infoGarage Light L was turned off

From the light logs L
|switch|off||Garage Light L was turned off|DEVICE||2020-09-06 06:06:01.522 AM MST|

From the light logs R
|switch|off||Garage Light R was turned off|DEVICE||2020-09-06 06:06:01.660 AM MST|

These are Sylvania OSRAM RGBW lights that I have a few of and have been working fine with no problems till I moved them over. They are using the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver

App rule

Scene for rule

I'm having the same problem with the same bulbs.

For the most part, mine have been working fine since I posted this, I do have a repeater between the lights and the hub, still only about 25 feet way at most. Maybe it took some time to settle down but in the last at least 2 weeks they have been fine