Scene does not complete


I am fairly new to hubitat, switches from HA to hubitat a while ago and I am running into some problems.

For some reason scenes do not activate completely as you can see in the screenshot below.
What I captured does not get set when the scene activates. Furthermore I am not able to turn the scene off and activate it again. The devices are set in the wrong manner differ from day to day. So it is hard to pinpoint it to a device.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to fix this ? It is quite annoying and I don't really feel like starting from scratch again.

Thanks in advance.


What kind of devices are these? In particular, I've had bad luck with lots of directly-paired Zigbee bulbs (even on their own hub; there are other issues with not doing that in some cases), though flooding your Z-Wave network with lots of commands at the same time probably isn't a good idea, either--which activating a scene, especially one that contains this many devices, is likely to do.

One thing you can try if that might be the case: turn on the "Enable metering?" option at the bottom of the scene app (this is in the app, under Groups and Scenes, not the scene activator device). Put in some value here, the value being the number of milliseconds to wait between devices. Higher is more likely to help but will subject you to more "popcorn effect" (where all the bulbs do not visibly change at the same time). Starting with something like 100 might be a good place to start.

If that doesn't help, sharing more information about your setup like I mentioned above may be helpful. Good luck!

Scenes is really buggy as hell. When I use it some lights may come on, some won't, others will a minute later, it's complete chaos. I created Scenes using RM instead and they are much much much more reliable.


I use a mix of z-wave (qubino dimmers, neo coolcam sensors, and some fibaro stuff) and zigbee. devices (ikea bulbs, some aliexpress sensors and led dimmers).
I've got a about 20 z-wave and 20 zigbee devices. Thats not a crazy amount imho. The z-wave devices don't skip a beat. It's zigbee that gives the most pain in this case lol.

And indeed enabling metering fixes my problem. Did not run into the popcorn effect (yet). Transition time to a new scene is 30 seconds so that might be the reason I don't really notice the popcorn effect.

@waffles the way I approached it is I created rules with RM and the rules activate scenes.

I will read up on the zigbee optimisation side of things. Thanks so far !
Still had some issues with scenes not starting properly. Making light groups from the bulbs and putting them in a scene solved it for me. Working really nice now. Scene transitions all and. Really liking this.

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