Scene cancels rule

Finally getting into the nitty gritty of rule machine that I've avoided for so long. So here is my dillema.

Right now I have a rule that runs from sunrise to 10:30 pm in the master bath that simply turns on the lights (both mains and shower) to 100% and turns off after 15 mins of no motion activity. Simple enough.

What I would like to do is set a light scene (for now lets just say that I press a virtual button on a dashboard to activate or deactivate a scene) Activation of this scene would pause/disable the above rule, then set the lights for the scene. (ie, wife sets lighting for bath) then when either A, a wall switched is pressed, or the scene goes off on the dash) then the rule resumes...(obvously once the rule resumes the lighting goes back to 100% which is what I want). Having a bit of a tough time wrapping my head around this one. Any pointers or examples of course are always appreciated greatly..

One way to do it is to use a Required Expression on your existing rule, that the Scene activator device is off. Once the Scene is activated, the Required Expression becomes false, and the rule can't run any more, until the Scene is no longer activated. A second rule could use the wall switch physical activation as a trigger, and turns off the Scene activator. Be sure the Scene is setup to ignore off for the actuator device. To make the lights go to 100%, have the second rule run the first one after it has turned off the Scene activator, so it's as if motion fired the first one then.

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I will give that a whirl and report back...Thanx for the tip @bravenel. Like I said, I really need to buckle down on writing rules.


How does this look? Oh and side question. Is there any way to change the color of a scene tile on a dasdboard based on its on/off status?


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