Scene App Captured vs Adjust

I've added some new switches to my setup and its been awhile since i've edited a scene but the behavior is not quite what i was expecting.

What is the behavior supposed to be between "Captured Scene" list of values and the "Adjust Scene Settings"?

I was assuming it was the captured value then the adjust would override. But what i seem to observe for me when i hit active scene, is it is always the captured values and the adjustments are ignored. To add a device into the scene, i need to set with the required settings, remove it from the scene, then re-add it back to the scene so it comes in with the appropriate captured value.

Am I just off the mark and doing this wrong?

You would have to show the scene screenshot, and perhaps the adjust page screenshot. There is a reported bug in Adjust with respect to switch on/off settings (fixed in next release). Did you hit Done on the Adjust Scene page?


I did, but if there is already a known issue i'll go ahead and wait to recheck it on the next release. i'm not editing the scenes all that often.

I'm have the same question.

Have created a scene and trying to use Adjust Scene to change one of the Dimmers in the scene to Off. I open the Scene, go to Adjust Scene, set the Dimmer to Off, hit Done, Done.

Upon testing the Scene nothing has changed. Maybe I don't understand how the Adjust Scene works.


This is a reported bug, that will be fixed in the upcoming release.


Has this bug been fixed,
just i added a new device to a scene (ticked the box), went down to adjust, adjusteded it to off, click done . how ever when ran the scene it switch on.
went back into the scene thinking id must have to tick it - save it, edit it the adjust but still not working.

Only sucess i has was to set everying and caputre the scene.
Im on latest firmware (updated last week)

When you add a new device, you do have to capture it.

So to that I have to re capture the whole scene?

Activate the scene, add the device and set it for the scene (all of scene is set properly at that point). Hit capture.

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