Saving and restoring dimmer level and on/off status

I am using Button Controller 5.1 I need an easy way to read and store a dimmer (Fibaro Dimmer 2) dimmer level and on/off state. |This is so I can reinstate the original dimmer level and on/off state after I have done some actions. At the moment I use

Set SWITCH_STATE to false
IF (Study Downlights(on) is on TRUE) Set SWITCH_STATE to true
Set DIMMER_VAL to Study Downlights Dimmer(1)

It seems quite a clunky way to do it. IS there a more elegant way to save the state then reinstate it? Thanks for any info.

You could have the rule store all the data related to the dimmer(s) with this command:

Then use this one to restore it afterwards, following a wait action:

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Yes, that's exactly what I wanted, thank you for your swift and polite post. As you have probably gathered I am new to this. Thanks again.

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Happy to help! :blush:

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