Save "Text" in Devices/V. Twillo Notification?

Under devices, (I have a Twilio account) and a V. Twilio notification (device details). With space for which notification to send to my phone.
When I fill that space out I will get the notification sent to my phone however it will not save and I don't get a notification.

BTW, I created an account at Twilio because our own "notification" app was not working for me.

I must be doing something wrong. :smiley:
Be gentile, old guy!

![Screenshot 2022-03-31 8.09.12 PM|690x387]
If I type some text where it says device notification can it be saved?

First off you may want to remove your screenshot since it contains your Twilio API details or at least edit that out.

You may want to use my community Twilio driver instead as the past messages are stored as events and visible on the device too. One user of it views the last message on the dashboard as an example.

Details are here and you can install it via Hubitat Package Manager: