Samsung's Hub Update and Samsung Devices

Just a heads up that a firmware update was sent out to Samsung SmartThinigs Hubs this week. This update also included Samsung ZigBee device firmware updates. I'll be checking my Button and Water sensors this weekend to see if they have the update by unpairing my test devices from Hubitat and joining them to my development SmartThings hub and then putting them back after the update on Hubitat.

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My 20 smartthings water sensors all work fine as-is. So I see no reason to update them.

In general I am pretty against updating "just because", though. For an end device, if an update doesn't fix a specific issue I'm having then I don't update it.


OH I am the same way, I have hubs that have been running a couple of years without updates, but if I buy new buttons for my clients and don't know how long they were on the shelf so I do the update before pairing with their hubs.

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Makes perfect sense!

I wonder if that's going to mess with the integrations that are cross platform? Like echo speaks and hub connect?

Doesn't instill confidence. I think I'll wait.

My ST hub updated yesterday afternoon and both ES and HC survived.

UM .. I just realized that my paperweight isn't even plugged in. Rookie mistake.