Samsung zigbee button double events


Just curious - has anything changed in the built-in Samsung zigbee button driver?

I have six of the original buttons (non-aeotec) and I am often logging double events being thrown and triggering my BCs twice.

no changes, not in some time

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Thanks. This has just started to happen in the last week or so, so i assumed it might have been 2.2.9 related.

I would like to say i am noticing this only with these buttons, BUT i am not using the TOGGLE command anywhere else.

More debug required.

Tried changing the batteries?

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Thank you.

Yeah I should have known better. Two were reading 76 and 80% so I thought I was ok. Checked the history on both and temp and button presses only for the last four days. Who knows how old the battery report is from.

Replaced three batteries so far and can not get them to fail.

So much more fun blaming the SW guys !!

The battery reporting on those Smartthings buttons and sensors is hopeless.

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There have also been battery performance issues with old firmware on their contact sensors, not sure about the buttons, but if you have a Smarttings hub it may be worth checking you are on the latest firmware.

I’ve had them for two years now. Typically when the start reporting around 50% I swap them out. This is the first time the reporting stopped at this high a level. I guess I’m going to need to start keeping track of my replacement schedule.

When the batteries have died previously, button presses stop working all together. First time I have experienced this behaviour.

@sburke781 - no I was never on SmartThings so no way to update the FW.

Me neither, only a suggestion if you had that as an option.

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I was on the latest and still had the problem. I won't be buying any more of them.