Samsung TV not showing up as an audio device

Hello All,
I have created a rule that will announce a reminder on certain days at a certain time. That part works fine. I would like to set it up so that the TVs mute while the announcement is being played and then unmute after.
I have 2 televisions I am trying to setup like this, a SONY and a SAMSUNG.
I was able to use a simple line in the rule to mute the SONY TV and then another to unmute after a delay that gives the announcement enough time to play and finish. I was able to do this because The SONY TV is available in the Audio Device list.

I am unable to find the SAMSUNG TV on the Audio device list and so I cannot add it for muting while the announcement plays.

The Drivers I used for both TVs are

Both TVs function nicely with these drivers. I'm just not sure why the SONY is available to select as an audio device and the SAMSUNG isn't.

Any suggestions? Ideas why?

Thanks in Advance

Bumping this in hopes of getting some help. I haven't been able to figure this out. I thought maybe creating a virtual button to point to the mute command for the samsung tv device but I dont think thats

Maybe it has something to do with the Device type?

Any help would be appreciated. Id love to be able to mute the TV when announcements are made (like I have on my other TV). As always Thanks for any help!