Samsung TV Integration

Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if there is a way for HE to access a modern Samsung TV via LAN? I think there is Samsung TV section in the list of HE device capabilities but I don't have the first idea how to go about using it to connect to my TV.

If you find anything on this please let me know.... I have 3 samsung TV waiting for it.

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Homebridge has a plugin that’s working with my tizen Samsung tv.

I can power it off and on.

I'm trying something maybe others can help with. I have my Samsung TV's connected to SmartThings and using HubConnect to pass them to my controlling Hubitat.

Here is the problem. First, I am no programmer and probably missing something obvious.

SmartThings installs a newer "Samsung OCF TV" device handler.

I'm trying to blindly map device commands in the custom HubConnect driver to get functions to work on the TV...

I don't think there is a way to inspect or export the OCF drivers... There are plenty of older Samsung TV drivers out there and lots of commands that don't work. I've even dug around through the developer site but haven't found much there either...

So far, I have a few commands that are working. I watch live logging on the SmartThings IDE and not only see what works on the TV, but what it accepts or rejects in the IDE logs.

So far, I have successfully used the following commands... "mute, unmute, volumeUp, volumeDown, channelUp, channelDown"

I did have power working, but somehow messed that up... Not sure what I did... I really have no idea how to properly setup drivers, especially the custom HubConnect drivers so that could be a reason.

Also, and there are many threads on this out there, it seems to be impossible to power on Samsung TV's even from inside the SmartThings app.

So, I'm using shackrat's "Boot Me Up Scottie" Wake on Lan to power on the TV's. So a separate virtual switch for that and a HubConnect device for the other controls including power off... I'm wondering if the Wake on Lan feature could be built into the custom HubConnect driver so it's just one device...

Anyway, let me know and I can share some of the stuff I've found...


Use the local driver for Samsung TV's now.

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