Samsung Smartthings V3 Hub For Sale

I don't see any reason to waste any more time on the SmartThings environment, as my frustrations with it is what drove me to buy a Hubitat.

If anyone would like a V3 Smartthings hub in mint condition, feel free to make an offer.
I am shipping from NYC, yes, you can "send money to a friend" on Paypal, no I don't take credit cards, as I am not a merchant.

I realize you are frustrated with the other hub, but why not hang on to it? There are a lot of people that use it in tandem with their HE hubs to integrate cloud services with it through hubconnect. That way you keep the slow and troubled stuff off of your main hub. Also, you can put your problem devices on it. Like bulbs that cause issues on HE and other unsupported devices. I use my old ST hub to run echo speaks. Well not the hub, but the service. Anyway, my point is that it might come in handy. Just consider that before you send it packing.


I second this recommendation - for the same reasons @april.brandt indicated.