Samsung smartthings motion sensor

I have a few Samsung smartthings motion sensors.
Some of them are different ; same shape but uses CR2470 instead of CR2450 battery. (is a larger battery with same voltage, but works also with CR2450)

Today I started migrating some of my sensors to Hubitat from ST hub.

2 sensors was detected without any issues, but the one with a larger battery place (CR2470) was not detected.
I restted the device but still not detected.

Any ideas on this ?
I use a CR2450 instead of CR2470 because I could not find CR2450 around. So would it be because of low capacity battery ? (normally it works with ST hub, and all leds are powered)

what channel are you using?
For me I have found channel 20 worked best (25 was the worst)

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how can I change the channel ?

well, I just replaced the battery with a new one and now the led is brighter.
but right before changing I got a "new device found " message and it could not initialize because I had just removed the battery.

now what to do ?

go to settings and zigbee details then on the right hand side are the zigbee channel settings

refresh the zigbee pairing page and start pairing again.
pull the battery and push and hold the reset button on the sensor.
while holding put the battery back in.
The sensor light should go red.
release the reset button.

problem solved by changing the zigbee channel.
I still have ST hub active.
maybe when I remove it completely, I will have less zigbee issues.