Samsung Smart Tag 2 and Apple Airtag

Ok so it's very early days so could/will have read much more but curiosity got the better of me so posting here first.

How hard is it to get location data (well more if they are at home) from both of these devices into hubitat?

I'm assuming I'd need to bring SmartThings location into hubitat (I don't have that integration yet). Potentially same for Apple. Hoping neither of their smart home devices are needed.

Thinking of using them to get more info than just geo location from my mobile.

I'm thinking of checking if my car keys are home, if my car is home and then utilising my phone location (hubitat geo location) plus it's wifi connection (wifi presence).

I realise the at home status would need to be thought through here for status based on security but I feel I could do a lot with the rest (open gates well in advance if car, key and phone come home, unlock the doors only when the phone and the key tag comes home...)

I'm confused by what you want to be the trigger for presence. If it's the car, then why does it also need to be the keys?

If your car and phone are both present, are you not home? If the car leaves, but a phone is still present, is someone still home in your view? How about when the car leaves and all phones are no longer present? Which scenario should it be considered that no one is home?

I hadn't thought the location in much detail really. I had considered having each tag either as it's own device, or have it's own local variable to record which tag is present. That way I can note all the cases of how I leave the house, and how I enter. I would be more relaxed on leaving, as in any device leaves, and more strict on entry. I have some thoughts and logic in mind but I won't put them here.

Seems there are cases of people using these in hubitat but somehow haven't fallen across a detailed topic that explains how it works for both brands (Apple itag and Samsung Smart Tag 2) of devices. Hoping I can have each individual tag registered seperately in hubitat. Hopefully mg each tag can have its own radius for geo location (assume done in homekit and SmartThings).

Last time I checked, AirTags can’t be used as presence sensors in the Apple Home app.

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Thanks for letting me know. I've ordered a samsung smart tag 2 and I'll see how.well that integrates. No airtag for now.

There's not a lot of info out there but I have a feeling I need to create a rule in SmartThings app for the tag to do something in SmartThings. Then potentially use hubithings to connect SmartThings with hubitat without a hub.. That's the simplified way... Not so sure it'll be that easy/simple though.. Potentially I may need to create rules (or automations, whatever SmartThings calls them) that change a virtual devices state based on the tag... Even that I'm not so sure is possible in SmartThings.

Ok so creating a virtual switch on SmartThings without a hub wasn't too bad.. I then managed to set hubithings up relatively easily and have two way sync of the SmartThings virtual switch on hubitat...

So now once the tag comes I hope I can have an automation that turns the virtual switch on once it gets home.. Let's see. Potentially I may not even need the virtual switch and hubithings may sync presence devices.. Or maybe I've wasted all this time and money with the smart tag not being able to be used in automations based on geofence.. I know they are used for geofence say if your car is moved.. But whether they can be used in SmartThings automations I can't yet tell.

Ok so as like the airtag... Location data isn't available in automations in SmartThings so can't use geofencing to trigger the virtual switch that I had synced between that and hubitat.. So the device is not useful for automation other than its button can be brought into hubitat... Which isn't useful.

I'd like to think that maybe they'll allow location to be used in SmartThings automations but I have very low hope that will change....

Now wondering if the (ever) upcoming google tag may allow location to be used in automations. Is it privacy or something why they wouldn't allow location to be used for anything but looking on a map? Disappointed but not surprised.

Yea, this was my results as well when looking to build a HubiThings driver, no data is available. :frowning:

I just don't get why it wouldn't be available. Thinking privacy or something... I saw posts about battery life being a potential reason, but I dont see how Battery life would be affected seeing the Bluetooth comms are the same regardless.. Just potentially more work in the cloud, or whatever is receiving the information, not at the sensor.