Samsung Multipurpose sensor XYZ enable

Hi Everyone

I've got a C8 hub, and a Samsung Multipurpose sensor V5 connected. I see reports for temperature, and acceleration, etc, but I'm not seeing the XYZ data that I once did. The battery had gone dead, and I reset it at one point when I was having connectivity issues. I can't seem to restore the XYZ data. Do you know what I should set the settings to for this feature to be enabled?

At the moment, the settings are:
Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?: no
Three Axis reporting options: Maximum
Reference Temp: (blank)
Enable Debug: no
Enable descriptionText logging: yes
Status attribute for Devices/Rooms: threeAxis



Try setting Status attibute for Devices/Rooms: to None

Alright, I gave that a try. It didn't seem to make a difference, but it might have just taken a moment to update. I also turned on the debug logging, which possibly resolved the issue. Almost instantly after doing that, the attributes started updating.

I want to change both settings back to see if one of those did it, but I also don't want to break it again.

Thanks for the help.

Assuming youโ€™re using the built-in driver for the device, debug logging should automatically turn itself off after 30 minutes. All built-in drivers do that, AFAIK

Yep, you're right, it did. The reports are still coming in, so it must have been the other setting.

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