Samsung GP-U999SJVLFEB, a good Zigbee repeater?


I need to put some repeaters around my house and I came across this plug:

I want the plug to be able to monitor the energy consumption as well, that is why I would pick this one.

I need it to repeat Xiaomi stuff, as well as other things, like the Eurotronic Spriti Zigbee Thermostat.

Is this a good choice?

I'm not sure I've seen anyone mention that particular model, but it appears to be marketed similarly the 2018 US outlet, model GP-U999SJVLDA. That one works really well for me as a Zigbee repeater--it has the most "child devices" in my routing table of anything besides my Xbee (itself also a good repeater), suggesting both that it can handle routing for lots of devices and that it has a strong or appealing enough signal that my devices like to use it.

However, it looks quite a bit different--almost like the previous-generation North American ST outlet. (The current generation is nearly perfectly rectangular, while the previous was nearly circular with a slight asymmetry to accommodate a button on the side, which this one also appears to have.) Whether that is a difference in generation or just a difference they had to do to accommodate a different type of plug (type B vs. type F, it appears), I don't know. Even if it is the "old" generation, I'm not saying that's bad--I haven't heard stories, good or bad, about that one...just lots of good stories about the new one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
I guess we'll see then. I ordered two of them.