Same IDs in HomeKit when using multiple hubs

I have a C8 and a C5 which both have the HomeKit app, since meshed devices isn’t possible via the official HomeKit app.

I get a warning that two devices have the same ID in HomeKit.

Can I change the ID of devices or @gopher.ny can Hubitat be smart and not sending the same device ID to HomeKit when several hubs publish to the same Home somehow?

Did you originally do a c5-c8 migration?

No, my C5 is running since day 1. My C8 is migrated from a C7.

It looks like it is just appending the device id to "HUBITAT" which will easily have duplicated IDs across multiple hubs. Looks like Homebridge does something similar.

That warning is from a third party app also, not the Apple HK app.