Salus thermostat

Anyone knows if salus thermostat works with hubitat?
Salus thermostat


Only their SP600 smart plug is on the compatible devices list. As I understand it, and @mike.maxwell can correct me if I'm mistaken, but the European devices that are on the compatible devices list, are there because someone sent Mike a device so he could test it and add a driver addition if needed.

Yes this is predominately true, EU and International...
It's usually the manufactures that send me their product line, and it's usually our customers that prod these manufacturers for Hubitat cert/support.

I usually don't have time to eat breakfast!, much less chase down device manufacturers for integration samples...


Mostly I wanted to know if some one test it as Generic Zigbee thermostat and this because I had mixed experience with zigbee divices. Some no name thermostat is working but livolo switch not.
And because this thermostat is not on prime amazon for easy return then I hoped someone else in Europe already test it :smiley:

Is this the normal route to get all devices on the market aggregated into Hubitat? I understand that USA based company's have a good range of drivers available which is also the case with international, however when it comes to Europe based devices it appears less of a list.
I'm not complaining per se, I understand it's impossible to throw resources at everything.

I have sent an email to the manufacture, I won't hold my breath for an active resolution which is why I was inquiring on any other method to get devices supported in Hubitat i.e voting etc.

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