Salus ST880ZB zigbee thermostat driver

Looking for help getting this thermostat working. Have tried generic zigbee thermostat driver with no luck.. Seems not to communicate at all.. I am currently using stelpro-ki-zigbee-thermostat.groovy driver which seems to work very well, heatsetpoint, battery level and fan control, except it is for heating only.. I need to be able to use cooling setpoints also.. So I'm looking for suggestions on other driver to try or help adding cooling functions to this driver.. I have some coding experience in other languages but not groovy.

Have you had any progress in using the Salus thermostat with HE?

I spoke with Salus sales earlier today about their AS20WRF Zigbee thermostats. They say there's no integration with any home automation system, that their own Zigbee hub is required ("Coordinator" for local-only use, "Gateway" as a hub+internet access device), and that they have nothing on the roadmap for the next ~18mo about working with 3rd party Zigbee devices.

Disappointing, but not surprising.

I hacked through an existing drive..everything works except battery level

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Sounds great! I'm ordering the thermostats today.

Is your driver available anywhere (Github)?

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