Salt water salt sensor

I am looking for a means to keep track of the salt content in my salt water pool. I am not fussy to know the exact amount. A good or bad indication would suffice. I have an Arduino running hubdino if that helps. I also have some soil sensors that I haven't connected yet. Maybe they could work? Ideas?

There are aquarium grade Salinity sensors that people have made DIY versions with Arduino or other microcontrollers. You could try that route and have it with a simple web page that the Hubitat could check.

Or you could find a used aquarium controller (a Neptune Systems one for example) and Salinity sensor, then read the value from there (most have status pages that can be read, I made a driver for reading the Neptune Systems Apex).

I found a manual tester (Not strips) on Amazon that appears to work fine

I assumed you meant one that could be displayed in your Hubitat. Plenty of manual testers out there, so glad you found something that meets your needs.

Nope just a handheld device. I realized that I was taking connecting to me HE a bit to far at the moment.

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Can totally understand that. The more I use it the more I keep adding.

It is addictive. Is there a recovery group?? :grinning:

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