Sale: Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor for $34.99

I noticed this was on sale, at both Amazon and Best Buy:

Mine is paired directly with my C-7 and works fine (although really no better than the Iris v2 motion that was originally next to it). But this does also report lux.

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Well, dang. That is cheaper than Costco, but I don't really need any more. Or do I?

Costco is currently 2 for $79.99

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And the motion re-trigger time, motion sensitivity, and keeping the LED from lighting are configurable.

Be aware that these things will trigger on changes to the environment unlike any other motion sensor I've used. Clouds passing? Trigger. Shadows from trees in the wind? Trigger. Sprinklers turning on at night? Trigger. And these are with the sensitivity set to Low. Clearly, they are not simply PIR sensors.

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Interesting. Not my experience at all. Trees? Certainly not saying that it didn't happen, but mine have been in proximity of Palo Verde, Mesquite, Lime, Fig, and Spruce trees without issue.

Each time that I thought that there was a false trigger, our security cameras would show a coyote, javelina, deer, racoon, or even a rabbit that was positioned just right. That said, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time setting up motion sensors, so maybe I just naturally avoid likely false triggers?

Mine triggered on branch movement all the time. (I trimmed the branches back to reduce it)

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