Sale on Ultraloq Pro Zwave

I was just notified of a sale on the Ultraloq Pro-ZWAVE on their website $162 with free shipping. I have had this lock for about a year and really like it. It's a solid build, works well with HE, has a fingerprint reader, and can be rekeyed with the standard schlage type C keyset to match my other physical keys. I just ordered another one to replace an old yale assure which i did not like.

What do others think of this lock?

I'm a bit disappointed with this lock as it dosen't zwave report user who unlocked lock via either code or fingerprint. Just only reports basic lock/unlocked. Many complaints on their forums on this issue.


Yup. I like the lock, but would never buy another one because of this.

Also, it can only be paired/unpaired using their app/Bluetooth. So if they ever go under, you'll never be able to unpaired/pair it again.


Really like the lock too and have grown accustomed to not have that reporting feature... but it would really be nice though. Great for WebCoRE pistons.

FWIW, I'd concider a second one for my garage door since I love how accurate their fingerprint reader is.

I have two that i just decommissioned, I like the lock and fingerprint reader, but the lack of full Z-Wave reporting is a fail for me. Replaced with a couple of 700 series kwikset locks and all is good again.