SALE Monoprice Z Wave PIR motion detector $19.89 USD

Looks like for short time Amazon has Monoprice Z Wave plus motion detector on sale for $19.89 Saw this Nov 4th 7am in US

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Pir Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor, No Logo | Easy to Install, Passive Infrared Sensor

Tagging @mike.maxwell - he loves that form factor.


That's the same price it is on Monoprice normally. :slight_smile: (Yeah, yeah, I know it says the list price is $35, but it's like Amazon--it never is. I got one for $19.99 a few years back. Actually I got a few; all I could were returned, and the one I couldn't is somehow still surviving doing outdoor duty where I don't care about it much.)

Also, my personal recommendation: don't buy Monoprice Z-Wave devices, no matter what the price. :slight_smile:

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Sorry never checked Monoprice site. Do they also offer free shipping? Just trying to inform anyone of pricing. I've had 3 Monoprice motion detectors since I started with Hubitat 2 years ago and no issues, but appreciate your info

Yes. :slight_smile:

(But for Monoprice in general, it depends on the item--usually you would have to pay, so this one is somewhat unusual.)

That's good! It's hard for a manufacturer to mess up a motion sensor too much, but I always found these extremely slow, even by Z-Wave standards. Sometimes they wouldn't even catch me at all when I walked by. (I forget if they had adjustable sensitivity, but I did try pretty much everything I could think of. Their support group is also of no help if you lose the in-box manual, as there is apparently no electronic version that they have and unlike pretty much any other Z-Wave vendor, they don't know much about what they're actually selling. You can usually find the same OEM product from a more reputable vendor for not much more, usually with better firmware and actual product knowledge.) It's likely I'm spoiled by the Zigbee sensors I like more than most Z-Wave sensors in general, but these always seemed particularly bad to me. But they are often priced well, and they apparently do work well for some.

Good to know! Thanks for the info., This community is hard to beat! Always so helpful

I'd avoid it for now. I have one and there's a problem with the Hubitat driver. Using the Hubitat Generic Z-Wave Motion Sensor driver, it works, but then you don't get the temperature sensing; On the other hand, if you use the Hubitat Generic Z-wave Motion / Temperature Driver, you can get the temperature sensing, but then the Motion doesn't work. I'd wait until that gets fixed. Or, if you only want Motion, buy the Ring Gen. 2 Motion sensor based on the 700 series chip - save yourself a lot of trouble for only $10 more.


Have you actually bought and used a Ring gen2 motion sensor? I bought a couple and have had zero success pairing them.

Have you tried using the Hubitat mobile app to include via SmartStart?
I assume that you have read the steps in the manual:

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Thanks for the reply. I had not tried from the mobile app, but yes was following the instructions in the manual. Is adding via SmartStart any different than the normal process? I'm just hitting the "Start Z-Wave Inclusion" button and nothing at all happens. The LEDs on the detector are the 3-green flash that indicates the sensor itself has started inclusion.

And now that I typed that I did the same thing I've been doing for a week and it somehow worked :man_facepalming:. I guess posting in forums helps. Appreciate your reply!

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Yes, the SmartStart process is different. You just use the mobile app to take a picture of the QR code, an entry is made in the app, you can name the (future included) device, then, at a later time, when the hub goes into include mode and the device goes into SmartStart mode (needs to be factory reset first, or out of the box) when it gets power (battery tab removed), it just happens. DSK is pre-supplied from QR code.