[SALE] 150 GBP for HE C-8 in UK

Guys and Lasses there are brand new three hubs on offer at eBay UK for just 162 GBP each, incl. P&P. Shipped from Poland, from a genuine distributor, with a two-year guarantee.
Anyone interested?
Just pushing this sales channel. Money for nothing and your hubs for free! (almost)


Does this price include UK VAT? I’m assuming not, but that’s an impact of GB leaving the EU.

These hubs are getting more expensive in the UK every month compared to US prices. (Currently $149 … under £120). I assume Hubitat do not have an appropriate distributor pricing discount and rather ignore that tier expecting their ‘distributors ‘ to in reality act as dealers and uplift prices selling to end users directly. Shame the market works this way.

The price includes VAT :grinning:


"Full two-year warranty."

I don't see another seller offering that. Just saying :grinning:


Well I see they all went :slight_smile:

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Shame on the UK leaving the EU. Hubitat can't legislate for that!

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eBay UK C-8 available here Hubitat Elevation Hub C-8 UK | eBay

Selling to the UK from the EU is tricky. The threshold of 135 GBP net price (without tax) for selling at eBay sometimes gets interpreted as below 135 = 134.99.


The £135 is the price including shipping I assume?

The shipping does not count to the threshold if that's what you mean.

150 GBP for C-8 (plus P&P) on eBay.UK including taxes.
Hubitat Elevation Hub C-8 UK | eBay

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And now £187 for C-8 PRO incl. P&P
The price includes all imaginable taxes like VAT and other customs charges.