Safety Monitor State Change

I believe there is an issue with the armed status changing in the Safety Monitor.
I have rule machine changing the state of the safety monitor via switches.
If safety monitor is already armed (say in Home/Stay mode) and someone tries to turn on Away mode, Safety Monitor appears to get confused - or at least the app status page doesn't know what to show and all the disarm options from the web interface disappear.

I have gotten around this by creating two RM events when a switch is activated - first to disable the existing armed mode, and the second on a delay to activate the now requested arm mode.

Thanks for the great support!

Please show a screenshot of this.

Bear in mind that the status page is not a "live" page being updated in real time. It represents the state of HSM as of the moment you opened the page. Hitting refresh on the page should update it to the current state. Having RM change the HSM state is doing so "behind the back" of that open page --> actually a different instance of the app runs.

I have 2 switches - one for Alarm Stay, the other for Alarm Away. These are the rules that are attached to them.



If I activate one then the other without first disarming the system, it appears to get confused. Below is the refreshed alarm status page. Note the top says "Armed Away", but the last switch I activated was for alarm home/stay. Also, the buttons that usually appear at the bottom to disarm have disappeared.

Thanks. I will investigate...

Andy, What version of the platform software are you running?

Hi Bruce. I'm running image

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OK, confirmed the bug, now just to fix it! Thanks for pointing this out.

Fix will be in the next release.