Safety Monitor possible bug with water sensor

Here is a possible bug ( I have a Fibaro Flood Sensor (only sensor so far). When I go to the Safety Monitor app I have the ability to create a default water sensor rule under " Configure Water Sensors and Alerts", It looks to be designed as a predesigned rule. I configure the template, make sure to select the water sensor and then nothing when I trigger the water sensor. As far as I can tell the rule is set to always be armed. I could see the water events in the log but that was it?

In my trouble shooting I removed the pre-designed template and made a custom rule, armed it, and it works just fine!!

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but I have a strong suspicion that there is an issue with the default rule that Hubitat has for the water sensor. .... so if anyone else is having trouble try making a custom rule and arming it instead of using the predefined water rule.

Water alert is that, an alert, did you setup lights, Pushover or text?

If you want to close a valve you must create a RM rule for that

I was just setting it up - so turning on a light when water was wet. but when I made a custom rule it worked fine,

Odd since I wasn't doing anything complicated or strange. I was just testing out my new flood sensor.

I too am having the same problem. HSM set to detect water. When it detects send notification to phone, turn on bedroom light and say alert through Sonos. It worked once but after I added the second sensor it won't work again. I disarmed and armed water and smoke and no go. I also have a smoke / carbon dioxide detector and I'm not so confident that will work. Considering using rule machine and being done with it. Probably a bug.

By the way I just updated to before setting my HSM rule up for the water sensors.

I have a co-worker that has this same issue where he has to use a custom rule in HSM for his water sensors otherwise he would not get a notification.

I have two Iris water sensors and I do get notified using the built in water water monitor in HSM. I was able to trigger each of them and did receive the notification.

So I am not sure what is going on.

Edit: Do any of you have "use every water sensors" checked in HSM?

I did have use every water sensor checked but after my test of it not working unchecked that and manually selected my sensors.

Yeah, I noticed with mine I selected all of the sensors instead of using "every water sensor." I know it should not mater but worth a try,

Did you select any alerts for this? It won't do anything unless there is an alert selected.

I just tested this and it works fine for me, whether I select the water sensor explicitly or use Select All Water Sensors.

It would be helpful if you could show how you had this setup (screenshot of HSM main page), and also show the App Status for Event Subscriptions (screen shot of App Status page, scrolled to where the Event Subscriptions are).

Likewise for @atechstl.

I had an alert selected for this and it worked when I tested. I added my second sensor and it stopped working. I'll try again this evening and get you some screenshots.

Not sure what happened. It may be possible the issue was with my Fortrezz siren. I chose the siren to strobe on the alert when I originally set this up. I removed the siren strobe the other day and didn't get a chance to test. Today I tested sensor 1 and it worked. Alert was sent to phone, sonos and bedroom light was turned on. Tested sensor 2 and it worked as well.

Possible cause of my issue could have been the siren strobe.

I am going to try again this weekend. Had issues in initial testing and waited while Smartthings was still active. Well I killed it! What I found was that the in my case for some reason my Sonos devices were muted and perhaps that seem to stop the automation from continuing. I have flood sensors (18) everywhere in the house. Save me 2 times as once did the battery sump backup. Best investments that I have made but reliable output from the hub is key here in order for capitalization.