Safety monitor, Iris V2 keypad, and Alexa

Okay so here is my thought, and I am not sure but I suspect I will need to do some IFTTT stuff here to make this work but here goes.

I am in process of setting up Safety monitor, which is all well and good. I don't want the alarm arming during Day or Evening modes, but night and away modes absolutely.

I've got an Iris v2 keypad that I am waiting on batteries to arrive for that I want to integrate into the system. I want the keypad to be able to arm, disarm the system, and trigger the alarm if the panic button is pushed.

I also want to add my wifes phone to the devices and notifications.

I need to set up separate accounts / access codes for myself, my wife, my disabled brother in law that is a member of our household, and our house / pet sitter. The house / pet sitter is tech phobic and carries a dumb phone and has no email. I just want to be able to provide her with a PIN and show her how to use the thing and we are good to go.

Lastly, as I mentioned in another thread, Alexa Guard is part of all of this monitoring. I know cloud dependent but at least I don't need special smoke detectors and separate glass breakage sensors.

I want to be able to arm the system by placing the system in away mode when I set Alexa Guard, so when I say "Alexa I'm Leaving" the result should be Alexa Guard turns on, and HE gets turned to Away mode with say a 30 second leave delay.

So here I am asking. How would I get to where I want to be in this setup?

When it comes to security I avoid using cloud based services, however since you want to use Alexa there is not much that can be done about that.

One issue with HSM Panic rules, and keypad panic buttons: HSM does not respond when the HSM system is disarmed. At least that's what it did about two years ago when I wrote my Nyckelharpa app to get around that issue. Nyckelharpa also has options for notifications, and allows arming with an open sensor with a notification warning, something HSM does not allow.

Regarding Pins: Nyckelharpa supports system provided Lock Code Manager app, or it's own built in optional pin module.

Also it may help by doing this in stages and get each part working before moving on the the next task. For example: setup HSM, then Nyckelharpa, then Alexa.

Hope this helps.

So uh, dumb question then. How do I install Nyckelharpa? I see links to Github source code which is cool and all, but no idea how to do source installs on Hubitat. Is there a write up somewhere on that?

Use the Hubitat Package Manager user app, or follow the app's installation directions.

Thanks for all your help.

I've got reading to do, but if I understand it, I keep HSM installed and configured, and then this sort of goes as an add on? This may seem like an odd reference but since I am coming from Smartthings, kind of like ADT Tools in Smartthings? I.E. it extended the function of the ADT Security part to integrate better with alerts, and actions... blah blah blah...

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I call it an HSM extension, and yes HSM remains installed and configured. Like many people now using HE, I too was a ST user where I wrote the SHM Delay app. I am not familiar with the ST ADT Tools app.

Welcome to HE.

ADT Tools was specific to the ADT Smartthings Security Hub, not the standard Smartthings hubs. But yeah, there were community written extensions that went WAY further than the official app did.

I saw HE when I bought into ADT Smartthings, but at the time it didn't have the hardware support I was looking for. It is well established now and has that support so no heartbreaker.

I always had it in my mind that I would most likely end up with Hubitat should Smartthings go bad.

It did,

I did...

I knew that Hubitat was working actively on developing and testing support for the hardware I was interested in at the time, notably Iris V1 sensors etc...

I will try to spend some time reading up on it al today most likely.