Safety Monitor , Basic alarm system functionality

Good morning,

I am requesting something that emulates your standard security system such as when someone opens a door it asks you to disarm the system in 20 seconds or what not, if you want to make a change or anything you generally would need to unlock the panel, there is not really a solid arming disarming setup on the dashboard that doesn't require a 3rd party app or using a actual pin pad device.

HSM already has Arming and disarming functions and your lock code manager works for pin codes there is not a native inclusion of that in the dashboard. Most security panels when someone comes in there system starts a count down asking for a authorization code to disarm and also support a duress code also do you can fake disarm the system and it calls someone/monitoring

This is a standard basic function of the system home automation / security system and it should be tied into the Lock code manager and the dashboard so that you know who disarmed and armed based on their code.

Virtual Keypad

Not to take away from the major work the developer has done this function should be native to Hubitat, VK is pretty in depth to get into a dashboard and is not intuitive for your average user it is incredibly hard to understand and even harder to setup and is band aid to something that i feel would be native to something called a safety monitor with arming and disarming already

I take it that you are opposed to using a real keypad (i,e, Ring Gen 2 Keypad, etc.) for which there is native support in HSM?


Most home automation systems that are all in one don't use a extra device keypad

ADT, Vivint ect. Why make users have a extra device and even though the function is there for the keypad it's not in the dashboard so you look at your wall mounted tablet and then have to goto the keypad just to disarm that looks tacky unless down very well but it's. It intuitive.

Any system out would do it all on the same screen no need to add a keypad when there is a touchscreen

HSM supports the disarm via device keypad but does the dashboard auto pop up a screen asking to disarm when walking in and if so why not just make that screen a keypad also I know that's basic when there is geo fencing but it's a simple thing

This is what I mean even the ancient panels Vivint used to use has the arm and disarm with a touchscreen keypad.