Safety Monitor and Multiple User Dashboard changes

Good Evening

I am trying to see if there is a way to implement a solution I have safety monitor setup and working and have my own dashboard but I am wanting an arm and disarm security code on the screen as you see in more traditional security/automation setups.

I have not seen any solutions officially yet and was going to ask in the live nut it was shut off so fast there was no Q and A.

Any feedback here would be great, I was hoping it was an official feature that integrated the lock code manager and dashboard with the safety monitor.

Have you checked out Virtual keypad

Sorry was out of town for a while, Yes that is a very hard to understand program and even harder to setup.

I am looking for something that emulates your standard security system such as when someone opens a door it asks you to disarm the system in 20 seconds or what not, if you want to make a change or anything you generally would need to unlock the panel, there is not really a solid arming disarming setup on the dashboard that doesn't require a 3rd party app or using a actual pin pad device.

This is a standard basic function of the system home automation / security system and it should be tied into the Lock code manager and the dashboard so that you know who disarmed and armed based on their code.

We already got a dashboard and and pin code management and the HSM system these should just connect together in a functional manner, even if its a app that you have to install but I believe its to deep to have a app as the dashboard itself needs to be changed along with linking the pins from lock code manager and HSM integrating into the mix

Like you see here, tis simple and intuitive and not a 3rd party application or integration needed, I understand that its not normal security per say but a lot of us are using them in that manner and personally believe this is a feature that needs to be added

thanks for the awesome information.