Safety Alert

Can you have multiple family members alerted to an alarm or trigger?

Sure you can, you can add multiple phone numbers (max 10 texts per day total) and multiple pushover instances/drivers for each family member, you could create separate accounts for each member or use one account for all. One time fee per account.

Look for Pushover, works great.

Thank you vjv. How much is the fee? I get my Hubitat tomorrow, cant wait! I'm currently an Iris owner and want to be able to monitor my home with notifications. I appreciate this community and cant wait to venture in!

You can also use IFTTT notifications, which are free, or this driver to do notifications to SMS via email. I use both and they work flawlessly. Also, you don't mention where you are located. SMS from Hubitat directly is currently only available in the US I believe.

The one-time cost for Pushover is $5 and worth every penny :slight_smile:


Alternatively, we have one (paid) pushover account containing both of our phones. In trying to troubleshoot my duplicate pushover message issue (still unsolved), I went from one pushover device that sent to all pushover clients, to now having separate pushover devices using the same API and user keys, but with one or the other cellphone selected.

I'll give another +1 to pushover. I've found it to be fast and reliable, and useful for other things.

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One of the reasons I went with HE was for local control. I am of the opinion that it is better to find local solutions first if possible and add cloud services only if necessary.

Services like pushover are great but there eventually has to be some way for them to monetize things. A free or really low fee service indicates subscribers may in fact be the product. Not sure how sustainable these models are over time but they sure are convenient. Another concern is these services being bought out by bigger companies who have a better idea and more resources to "exploit" our data.

Maybe the notion of personal data is antiquated and I need to get with the times... Also maybe I am a little too paranoid...

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Please go here, there is a FAQ so you can see how works, it's a $4.99 app.

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IMHO, one can never be too paranoid...:worried:

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Thank you - here is the privacy policy page for anyone who is interested..

Still not my cup of tea BUT I do recognize how useful it is to people for whom this is not as major a concern. Same with IFTTT. ymmv!!

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