Safe way to remove Variable Connectors

I created a "Variable Connector for few Hub Variables.
Variables are in use but Connectors are not.
What is the safest way to remove these unused Variable Connectors
without potential destroying rules?
Here is a list of unused Variable Connectors:

If I open parent Variable Connectors device can I simply click on the
"Remove Device" button in the lower right corner?

As I don't have any connectors I am not sure but I'd go to the hub variables page first and see if there is a way to get rid of them there and go for that in preference if so. Otherwise my guess would be its ok to delete from the device page.

It doesn’t cost anything to keep the connector devices, and you may use them in the future. So why not keep them!

No, there is no option to remove/delete Variable Connectors.
You can Create one but not Remove/Delete.

But my preference is not to have anything what is not used.

I'm thinking that I deleted some recently. Away from my computer right now but I will take a look in a bit.

EDIT: go to the settings page, variables, and you can do it from there.

Exactly this. Delete the connector BUT NOT the variable for the Hub Variables page.

Well, I don't see this option now but "yes", it use to be there.
My hub is C-7 on SW.
I am not sure at what point the ability to delete just a connector disappeared.
My good guess, it happened when Hub Variables was introduced instead of
RM Global Variables.

If you go to hub variables. If you have a connector you can click on variable under the connector column. This takes you to the connector device. You can then delete it. (I believe.)

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