Safe to upgrade to 2.2.4 yet?

Hoping this is a good spot to ask this .... I tried the 2.2.4x upgrade over a month ago and it was a disaster (had to downgrade and fix a bunch of stuff). I have been searching around and still see a lot of posts about things not working in 2.2.4.x and realize that there will always be certain things that don't work (3rd party integrations and stuff that break for various reasons).

My current system works perfectly so I've been holding off on upgrading ... should I still hold off? I have no reason yet to upgrade that I can think of ....


What was x when you tried before? Some of the 2.2.4 releases were, um, not good. 2.2.5 should be coming “real soon now” (I have no inside information, I’m not in the beta program), but my C-7 is running fine on Many of the problems have been with C-3 and C-4 hubs, you don’t say which hub you have.

I would concur, my C7's are on and is working fine. I have a few slow periods that could be something I've done. I no longer have to shut down and power off with any regularity, mostly just when I am abusive to the hub.

From what I’ve read in these forums, some battery-powered contact sensors can cause a 15-second slowdown of the Z-Wave mesh with, but there’s a workaround to use the Ring driver. I understand that Bryan Copeland (@bcopeland) is going through all the drivers to implement the necessary fix, if needed, in 2.2.5. I don’t see this problem with my Aeotec Door/Window 7 device or my multiple Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 devices, all on the consolidated Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Series driver.

Thanks ... this is on C7 and I'll probably bring a C5 back online in near future. The "x" was a non bootable device (had to recover) and then when I was doing a restore on previous version I had to rebuild a bunch of my dashboards and reinstall several add-ons ... cost me several hours of time even trying to restore everything.

I don't mind trying it again if most folks are having a good experience now ... overall I'm very happy with Habitat and not bashing here .... the upgrade to 2.2.4.x was the first time I had experienced anything major so I'm being more cautious this time :slight_smile:

Thanks re: battery sensors and stuff .... don't have very many battery powered devices and most are Aeotec .. good to know though.

No beta yet, so I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

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I believe my Aeotec window sensor/door sensor 6's were a source of problems for me, I replaced 8 of them with the Ring contact sensors.

I have 2 C-4s. Only reason I'm thinking about upgrade is the Hub Mesh app. Otherwise not much reason to pull the chain now.

Well, there's also the built-in Device Firmware Updater and the excellent community app, Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details by Tony Fleisher (@tony.fleisher). Both only run on C-7.