Safe to install on a C4 Hub?

I have a C4 that's currently running F/W The hub is located at a remote property that I only visit a half dozen times a year. I avoid installing updates unless I'm going to be there for an extended period of time and can deal with issues that might arise. I'm at the property now and will be for the next several weeks but there's been a lot of stuff going on with the 2.2.4.x releases and I'm a bit nervous about updating. What's the consensus regarding the current release on the c4?

I have 3 C4s and have been running 2.2.4.X since 11/21. I have 1 hub per protocol: zigbee, zwave, LAN. Definitely had some challenges and some reboots of hubs. All has mostly been good though just 10 minutes ago I found my zwave hub locked up with a DB error message which is a first. Rebooted hub and it automatically restored last nights backup so no bueno.

You can always try it and I see from @gopher.ny there are dedicated links now to revert to older versions such as 2.2.3.

My C4 is doing fine with .158. All but 2 devices are zigbee.

I have 7 Hubitat Hubs and all are on v2.2.4.158 and have been since it was available. I've had no particular problem with any of the 2.2.4 series. I have One C-3, Two C-4, Two C-5 and Two C-7. Four of them are my "Production set" (C-3, both C-4 and one of the C-7) The other three are 'Development' -- which sometimes get a bigger workout, but not for 24x7 like Production does.

Thanks everyone. I'm still seeing some 2.2.4 posts that are making me a bit nervous and I'm trying to weigh the merits of updating. My instance of the Button Controller app is pretty hosed and is the only reason I'm considering doing the update now.

Took the plunge. Update was uneventful--so far, so good.