S7134: 8-CH universal analog input Zigbee

I guessing these would not work with the Hubitat?

But it would be cool if they did

Yeah, that would be a nice off the shelf alternative to homebrew diy arduino solutions.

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Which zigbee profile do those use? I couldn't find that information on their website. If those are either ZHA 1.2 or zigbee 3.0 devices, then it is likely that a driver could be written for them.

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I have emailed the company for more information, I will post

This is SHJ Electronic Reply:


It not support this protocol.

Our zigbee modules only work with our zigbee central.

Please check s6889 or s7889.

Best Regards


Can contact Michael at SHJ Electronics China - Skype: shj_shj

Could probably be sniffed to see what clusters are doing what for a driver

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For them to work with Hubitat (or any other ZHA 1.2 coordinator), they still need to either use the zigbee 3.0 profile or the ZHA 1.2 profile. There are lots of proprietary zigbee profiles out there - eg. the profile used by Control4, the profile used by ecobee for their remote sensors, or apparently the "zigbee central" profile used by these folks.


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