S2 Device not taking the first 5 DSK key at setup

Ive been pulling my hair on this one for a few days and I think i found an issue withe the way the hub passes the DSK to the device (or should i say how it doesn’t).

I noticed during setup, when prompted to provide the key, the first field comes “filled” with spaces:

After deleting those spaces and filling in the correct 5, the string i suppose is not passed properly to the device because it says this:

The device is stuck in initializing and never finishes bootstrapping, failing to register …

Device is an August Pro Lock on a C8 on

I was able to bypass this “bug” by specifying the whole DSK under SmartStart alongside with the Security 2 Class 2 - Access Control.

Because of the SmartStart entry, when prompted for inclusion (with or without security), when I selected “Include with Security”, the key automatically took …

I noticed the spaces also I think possibly during a "repair" inclusion. Took me a couple tries to get it to work due to that.

FWIW, if you just use actual Smart Start inclusion, you bypass all that and it will just pair up when you turn the device on. That's the only way I pair stuff now.

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