S0? What can be done?

I have one device that uses that and I keep seeing bad stuff about it. The device is an Aeotec HEM. Can I some how turn off S0? It is in a prime spot in my mesh but is reporting horrible stats. Is security to blame?

Security is set at inclusion/pairing time. What hub do you have? If it’s a C-7, you may need to use a USB Z-Wave stick to do a little dance with Silicon Labs’ PC Controller software (free, a part of Simplicity Studio).

S0 causes 3x packets on your Z-Wave mesh, and can clog the mesh. That’s unrelated to stats. You need to turn down the power reporting (I.e., change thresholds to be larger).

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As in???

Pairing with our without security won't make the signal strength better or anything like that. The main problem is the duplicate (triple) reports it sends. A couple of these aren't likely going to do that much harm.

But if you have like 10 of them all sending 3X messages and have multiple power reports turned on (current, volts, watts, percent change, watts change), things can really get bogged down.

If you are using it for something like a wash machine or dryer, turn everything except what you need off. Only use 1-2 of these power reporting items, and set a realistic value for how many or what thresholds of reporting you need.

No wash machine is going to vary only 1W, for example. There will be a distinct 50-100 Watt change for the various cycles. So set power reports to 50W. Similarly, do you really need to know down to the minute that the washer stopped? Maybe 5 minute intervals are OK, or maybe they aren't even needed.


I definitly used wrong terminology. When I say reporting horrible stats I mean strictly Z Wave radio figures. Not anything with actual device reports, those I have under control. I think I'm needing to zero in on the triple messages. That sounds like a major issue.

I have always been warry of removing and repairing devices though! The exact proper procedure has been shaky for me.

That is more placement of the device, proximity to repeaters, and so on. Nothing to do with S0.

That triple reporting is just part of S0, you can't turn something off to fix that. Pairing at no security is the only fix. But if you have the power reporting set properly, don't bother removing one device at S0 unless you are having network slowdowns in my opinion.