Running two C7s - All Good - Should I Bother Upgrading to C8s?

I've seen a lot of good comments/postings regarding the new C8, but I haven't been able to determine if there's any benefit to my upgrading from my current C7s. In both of my installations (two homes) my systems are running flawlessly. I don't have any range issues (so not sure the external antenna on the C8 really buys me anything), and in both cases the hubs are located right next to all my other internet equipment, so I have no pressing need for Wifi connectivity. And I exclusively use Zwave (at the moment), so no need for better Zigbee performance either. In reviewing all the features of the C8, I'm just not seeing anything compelling, but I may be missing some important benefits, so looking to this community to set me straight if I am. I have no problem upgrading if it yields any benefits. For example, with built-in Wifi, would I have the ability to directly control Wifi devices with the hub?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Built-in WiFi is an alternative to the Ethernet socket on the back. It allows you to join your home via WiFi or via an Ethernet wire.

Once connected either way, you have the same access to your network, including other WiFi connected devices. Lifx bulbs for instance.


Seems like a very strong case of if "it ain't broke..."

Other than the FOMO factor, I don't see much reason for you to make any changes at this point. Maybe when Matter support comes if there's something there you want/need...


Yeah, cool. I was kinda thinking the same thing, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Thanks for the feedback.

zwave in my opinion is much better due to the antenna.. zigbee not so much till the issues of the new chipset are ironed out 100%..

as a side i still have a c7 in my other house we will be going to in june and a c8 ready to swap in... but for me.. right now i am waiting till zigbee gets more mature.

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I agree with @danabw as long as things are running fine, you can stay with the C7.... As long as you get rid of your ghosts from the other thread you'll be fine. The one thing I would certainly recommend though is getting hub protect so your z-wave radio is backed up. (On the c8 z-wave and zigbee radios are backed up)


That's the one reason i may upgrade my other hub and endure all the zigbee issues getting it stable. The ability to Backup and restore of the entire hub including both radios in regards to a hardware failure.

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Yes, thanks @rlithgow1 . I've had both Hub Protect and Remote Admin since the beginning.

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