Run Webcore piston from Rule Machine

So you can run a rule machine rule from webcore. How about the opposite, being able to fire a webcore piston from rule machine?

You can execute any piston using a URL, though this introduces the cloud to an otherwise local system.

Is this an academic question or are you considering a use case?

You can also hit the local webcore URL...


Introduce a virtual switch and add it as a new trigger (OR'd with any existing trigger(s) in your piston), and then simply (a) turn it ON from RM, and (b) off at the end of your WC routine. Could just as easily be a virtual button device, your call.

I have pistons in Webcore that are functions (ie not bound to an event) so yes I would like to be able to do this. I may wind up refactoring and bringing some things to rule machine from webcore and doing it that way. But there are things you can do in webcore you cannot in RM so having the reverse would be nice. I know you can use the url or trigger from a virtual switch or variable but that seems clunky and hackish. Now that webcore is integrated with Hubitat I think this would be a good feature to have.

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webcore can subscribe to hub variables changing, so you can also use a hub variable to cause a piston to wake/run:

  • in RM change the hub variable

  • in webcore have it check to if @@hubvariable changes ...


The local URL mentioned by @eibyer might be the most elegant solution to execute a pure function call. This was news to me, so I learned a new trick.

I use hub variables (mentioned by @nh.schottfam) and it works quite well for my very specific purposes. That is as close as I get to criss-crossing between RM & WC, so your mileage may vary.

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