Run rule once daily with conditions

I'm trying to create a rule that only runs once per day, but runs every day, based on certain conditions.

I want my roomba to run every day, but preferably after everyone has left the house, or if someone is there all day, then run at 3pm.

I'm not sure how to create a rule that will only run once per day. The other logic is pretty straight forward

I did this in webcore like this:


How about this, a trigger and a triggered-rule:

trigger 1:

Trigger event: Mode becomes Away
Action: run Roomba, set PB of triggered-rule 2 to false, set self PB to false (in case of multiple Aways)
Restriction: Only between 7 and 3, disable with PB

Triggered Rule 2:

Trigger event: Certain time 3:00 PM
Condition: PB is true
Action for true: run Roomba, set Trigger 1 PB to true
Action for false: set self PB to true, set Trigger 1 PB to true

Trigger 1 runs Roomba if everyone is Away between 7 and 3, and if so, disables itself and Trigger-Rule 2 (already ran today).
Triggered-Rule 2 runs Roomba at 3:00 PM if Trigger 1 did not run Roomba already, and resets its PB for tomorrow, and re-enables Trigger 1.

That seems to be working! Thanks!

Ok further consideration:

If the trigger fires and sets both PB to false, then there is nothing that resets it to true for the next day.

Also, is there a way to manually edit a PB value?

In those two I gave you above, it does reset PB to true, irrespective of its previous state. That's because it sets it to true in the false part of the triggered rule, which is what happens if it was false to begin with.

No, there is no way to manually edit a PB value.

Ok. Tell me what i’m missing. My trigger is not being reset to true.

I don't see this restriction complete on your Exocomp trigger(the first rule you posted)

Isn’t that what the switch at the bottom does?

Yes, my bad.

You messed it up. Go back to my original post, and compare to what you have. You messed up the False part of the Triggered Rule.

Ok, good call.

The text in brackets to the L of the PB button that says [false] - am I correct in assuming that is the current state of the PB? Even with the change you suggest, I still don’t understand why rule 1 would be false.

Yes, that's the current state, when you are looking at the Restriction itself.

Trigger 1 has PB False when it runs (so it only runs once). Remember, that only happens when Away happens before 3:00, and if that happens it sets Triggered Rule 2 PB to false also. Only the true branch of Triggered Rule 2 will run the Roomba, but both branches set Trigger 1 PB back to True (for tomorrow). So, Trigger 1 disables itself, and gets re-enabled at 3:00. But, it can only run before 3:00.

Are you not seeing Trigger 1 being reset to True? Open your Logs, and see what these two rules are logging.

No, that seems to always say false. Is it only going to say true between 7-3? I assumed that false just referred to the PB and not restrictions altogether.

Which logs are you referring to? The general logs (live and now past)? Or app specific logs? B/c when I click the i next to the rule in the app list and click events, that list is totally empty.

You know what I just realized, the version of RM that you have has a bug where it won't set PB when it's Restricted. My bad for not realizing that sooner in your case. This is fixed in a new release, due out shortly.

Awesome. Glad I’m not totally off base in my understanding.


That release is available now: Hub Update 1.1.5

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