Run an action when I return home

Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question but I'm trying to get an action to run when I am within the geofence area.

I hoped it might be as simple as setting a rule as follows:
Select Trigger Events - SM-G960F arrives
Select actions to run - Speak on Living Room Sonos(Volume:50):'my name is on his way home'

I know my Sonos works because I set it up to tell me if the front door is open for more than 5 minutes which works brilliantly. Looking in the logs tonight there was absolutely nothing regarding my return.

Often, this kind of thing is a failure of your presence sensor to notice that you left in the first place, so there's no notice of you "returning".

Try this:

SM-G960F changed

Send to SM-G960F: "%device% %value%"
If SM-G960F present THEN Speak on Living Room Sonos(Volume:50):'my name is on his way home'

That'll send a text whenever you enter or exit the geofence (so you can tell if it's working), and trigger the Sonos action when you return.

Cheers jwjr, I tried the notifications on change and it did work but not reliably and quickly. My home/away doesn’t work on my Nest either so I’m giving up on Geolocation for now.

Yeah, I've found geolocation to be a mixed bag myself.

As we're got Lutron stuff here, I've been using both the Lutron app and the Hubitat app for geo, and basically listening (RM4-wise) to whichever one happens to notice I'm gone or home first.

It's better than either app alone, but still not perfect. Deep breath, wait for better tech. :slight_smile: