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I'm getting real angry with my Hubitat. After a year of success, my hub has suddenly decide it is going to stop running rules and updating device states. At least once a day, I have to reboot the hub to get anything to work. I cannot trust that automations that I spent hours setting up are going to continue functioning. Is it possible that the hub is failing? Is there diagnostics that I can run to check the hardware? Is anyone else having issues of everything just no longer working? This is really frustrating! I use this thing to control my heat circulation and winter is coming fast. I need my automation to be reliable!

If you have had a need to pull the plug or lost power, you may have corrupted the database. I would consider doing a soft reset.
You should take and download a backup first and then restore after the reset.

If that doesn't help I would contact support directly.

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Would this not cause continuous failure? Everything works fine until it doesn't. Then it all works again after a reboot.

A corrupted database can manifest itself in many ways. It can affect just bits and pieces. It would be my first try at a fix, It doesn't take long. I would initiate the support email at any rate.

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OK. I created and downloaded a fresh backup. After a soft reset, I should be able to restore all my rules and all my devices will still be connected, correct?

Well, that went well. Hit the Soft Reset button and.... nothing! No indication of reset taking place and now I cannot even connect to my hub!

Do you have an IP reservation on your router?
If not, then after the reset, the hub may have picked up another IP address.

I would try connecting via


I do have IP reserved. I had to go back on the diagnostics page and reboot from there, which took me to the new hub setup. I restored my backup. Devices and apps are present. I will have to wait and see if everything stays working.


After restoring the backup did you reboot?
If not, then you should


Gotchya....rebooting now.....

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Back up and running. Hopefully, things will continue to function. Thanks for your assistance guys!


Hey @Rorschach1960 :

I wanted to apologize in case seeing the "flagged for moderation" tag caused any concern - I flagged this not because I though there was anything wrong but I wanted to make sure @BobbyD was tracking it as it looked like a pretty critical problem for you. Bobby pointed out that the "flagged for moderation" is usually a case of conduct unbecoming a Hubitater - he suggested an alternative way I could bring his attention to your case without causing other concerns.
Anyway, it sounds like you have it worked out - I hope so!


Another thing to bear in mind is to check your location settings.
When I have completed a soft reset in the past the location reverts to somewhere in the U.S. and I have to reset the time zone and location co-ordinates.


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