Rules not running or not working with a switch

I hope someone can help me. I have a switch and it works fine from a dashboard or even from the device settings, however when triggered from a Rule it never turns off or on.

I’m at the latest firmware level, I have removed and re-added the switch. I actually have two switches (it was a 2 pack) and the first one works great. They are Seedan Zigbee socket switches.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Here are Rules and the lizard night light switch will not work.

There are many ways to do what I believe you want to do in one rule or two but the way your rules are written right now isn't correct for either way. I don't believe you understanding of the delay per action is correct. You should read the documentation to understand the difference between delay per action and delay all actions.

I would remove the rule Lizard Night Lights - Turn Off
I would modify the actions of Lizard Lights to:

Off:  Lizard Night Lights
On:  Lizard Lights
Delay 13:00:00
Off: Lizard Lights
On:  Lizard Night Lights

You could also use a Wait for event instead of Delay but since the rule is only triggered at a certain time a delay is just fine. I also chose Delay all actions instead of delay per action because if you want to change the delay time you only need to change it in one place.

There's also Simple Automation Rules which is probably worth checking out but you'll probably need two rules.

I hope this helps!

Thanks. I’m not sure why I did it that way, but that’s not the point. That Rule works fine. Except it will not turn on or off the Lizard Night Light switch at all. I posted another simple rule that turns off the switch at a certain time and it doesn’t work either. Why doesn’t the Rule Machine turn that switch on or off?

the rule is incorrect. again read.. it turns the light night off.. then issues an off delayed but that DOES NOT stop execution of the rule. it schedules a future wakeup to turn the lizard lights off and imeediately drops through and turns the lizard night lights on..

so in effect it is turning the off then immediatly back on.. end result no change.

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Sorry, I saw two rules posted and thought they were conflicting and causing your problem. I still think you need to correct the delay issue. I would make a test rule for just Lizard Night Light. On then Off after a couple of minutes. You don't even need a trigger, just run the rule action. Turn on logging and post them, maybe we'll see something.

Thank you. I did create a test rule many times and it never worked. I just tried it and it worked fine....grrr. Although, I have found RM doesn’t always save changes to a Rule when using the app.

I posted the logs below anyway.

dev:9362021-03-25 10:42:16.928 pm infoLizard Night Lights is off [digital]

dev:9362021-03-25 10:42:00.465 pm infoLizard Night Lights was turned off [digital]

app:12922021-03-25 10:42:00.201 pm infoAction: Off: Lizard Night Lights

app:12922021-03-25 10:42:00.139 pm infoLizard Night Lights - Turn Off Triggered

app:12922021-03-25 10:42:00.103 pm infoLizard Night Lights - Turn Off: Triggered at Certain Time