Rules Not Executing After Being Edited

Good Morning Folks -

Curious if anyone else is having issues with actions of a rule running after the trigger is met.

I have a rule set to auto "on" a group of lights a few minutes before sunset and auto "off" a few minutes after sunset. I find myself editing my rules in the evening, generally after work and once the kids are down.

If I edit a rule after the trigger has been met, will that prevent the actions from completing itself? Is common practice to set up individual on/off rules in Rule Machine to prevent this?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions

What is the the actual rule?

And what are you doing when editing?

Specifically, if you have a delay or wait pending and hit Done, they will be canceled, and the rule will need to be retriggered to start over. This is noted in the documentation.

But most changes do not require hitting Done (or Update Rule, which is nearly the same). So, if this is your problem, avoiding that is the solution.

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Thanks for the quick response, Bert. So here is the logic of the basic rule:

When the [time of day] is [before sunset] [15] minutes before sunset

Do this action:
Turn on [Garden Lights] [Kitchen Sink]

Then wait until the [time of day] is [after sunrise] [5] minutes after sunrise

And do this action:
[turn off] [garden lights][kitchen sink]

Is there another way that I should be writing the logic to share this with you?

I don't have any delay's, but I'm guessing the "the wait until the time of day" is causing the rule to break if I'm making any changes?

Ah, so Basic Rule and not Rule Machine, but the same applies: are you hitting Done? If so, that will require your "trigger" (first line) to happen again so it can start over, as it will remove anything pending.

Edits you make to time of day also won't have any affect after that action is already reached and its schedule has been set (e.g., if a wait until 5 PM was already scheduled because that action was already reached, meaning you're now waiting, and you change it to 6 PM, it will remain for 5 PM--but will be 6 next time).

Screenshots are generally easiest (though less useful for some unless you include good alt/description text...).

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Got it. So I don't have a "wait" command in the basic rule, but does the syntax of the rule I have essentially act the same?

Thanks again for your assistance and feedback.

You do: